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Wendy's Logo

Industry: Food & Beverage
Business Challenge: Talent Retention & Development

Leaders at fast-food giant The Wendy’s Company face the challenge of attracting, retaining, and developing great talent in a very competitive industry. Diane Weed is Vice President of the Denver Division. She oversees eight direct reports who then oversee all the restaurants and the thousands of Wendy’s employees in the Rocky Mountain area.

Summary of Results:
Using the Motivators Assessment and Motivators Team Profile Reports, the Rocky Mountain leadership team was able to apply the job sculpting process to:

  • Reduce employee turnover to 0% among leadership staff.
  • Cut turnover by 35% at the store level.
  • Assign 90% of team projects to individuals based on their motivational drivers.
AstraZeneca Logo

Industry: Bio-Tech/Pharma
Business Challenge: Sales Performance & Team Building

Employee motivation was one of three core pillars in AstraZeneca’s 2019 global sales initiative “Build a Winning Team.” The goal of the program was to improve sales performance and develop the next line of team leaders.

Summary of Results:
AstraZeneca used the Motivators Platform to roll out the Motivators Assessment to more than 3,000 sales executives and leaders, combined with more than 200 Motivators Team Profile Reports. Within one year of the engagement, the results of this initiative include:

  • Record sales numbers for the three largest company divisions (Respiratory, Diabetic, and Cancer).
  • Turnover reduced by 57% from the 2018 peak.
  • Over 100 individual contributors were promoted into sales leadership roles.
  • 17 leaders certified as Motivators Coaches.
SirsiDynix Logo

Industry: Technology
Business Challenge: Talent Retention

SirsiDynix competes for high-priced sales and engineering talent in a very competitive market where employees have a lot of options. SirsiDynix isn’t able to offer the same employee compensation and perks as other competitors and needed to find a way to retain top talent beyond compensation.

Summary of Results:
Using the Motivators Assessment and Workshop for its 430 employees, SirsiDynix completely replaced its annual review process with quarterly “aspirational career development” sessions. As a result, SirsiDynix was able to:

  • Reduce turnover by 43%.
  • Increase employee satisfaction scores by double.
  • Increase customer retention by providing the Motivators Assessment as a value-added solution to help their customers (library systems) to retain their own employees.
Kaiser Permanente Logo

Industry: Healthcare
Business Challenge: Leadership Development

The Finance Leadership Institute (FLI) is responsible for the training and development of new and existing leaders within Kaiser Permanente’s finance division comprised of more than 3000 employees. One of the core leadership competencies is employee motivation. When Covid-19 disrupted traditional in-person workshops, FLI needed flexible tools and content that could be easily implemented and scaled across hundreds of teams.

Summary of Results:
During 2020, FLI used the Motivators Assessment, Motivators Profile Team Reports, and Motivators Workshop (delivered virtually) to reconnect more than 500 leaders with their work and their teams. By discovering the core Motivators of each team member, leaders were able to discover motivational synergies, cautions, and uniqueness. The results include:

  • Employee Engagement scores at historical highs.
  • Workplace stress and anxiety reduced by 30%
  • More than 500 new leaders trained.

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Honda Logo
Honda improved employee engagement scores by more than 22% using the Motivators Assessment and Workshop at its North American engine manufacturing facility.
Boehringer Ingelheim Logo
Boehringer Ingelheim integrated the Motivators Assessment and Workshop as a core pillar of their leadership development curriculum (BILD) and maintained employee satisfaction scores amidst a year-long restructuring effort.
Stanford Graduate School of Business faculty and staff used the Motivators Assessment and Motivators Team Profile Reports to better understand each other, as well as how they could help students understand their Motivators as they prepared to enter the workforce.
American Express utilized the Motivators Assessment to tailor recognition and make employee appreciation more targeted and meaningful, increasing employee satisfaction scores by 33%.
US Army Logo
The United States Army used the Motivators Assessment as the career development tool for military staff at all levels, including career advancement within the Army, and career pathing for those entering the private sectors after service completions.
Choice Hotels Logo
Over a 3-year period, Choice Hotels utilized the Motivators Platform to roll out the Motivators Assessment to more than 1000 hotel location management and staff, increasing employee retention by more than 25%.
Virginia Premier Logo
Over a 2-year period, Virginia Premier rolled out the Motivators Assessment to more than 500 senior leaders and managers, resulting in a 21% increase in employee engagement scores.
Bell Flight Logo
Bell Helicopter saw a 16% reduction in turnover by scaling the Motivators Assessment and Workshop to thousands of front-line manufacturing employees who had traditionally never been able to receive any significant leadership training.
Bloomberg Logo
Bloomberg Media used the Motivators Assessment and Workshop to develop more than 200 senior leaders throughout the company as part of a culture transformation initiative which resulted in organization-wide improvement in engagement, retention, and satisfaction metrics.
Lenovo Logo
Lenovo implemented the Motivators Assessment to drive sales performance with more than 1,000 sales and marketing personnel and increased retention by 14% and sales by 17% that same year.

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