Engagement Solved is More than Just Our Tagline.

What if in just a few weeks (not months) you had the ability to significantly improve the engagement levels of every manager (and all of their direct reports) throughout the entire organization?

After more than a decade of research and real-world experience, FindMojo has found the key to solving engagement requires 3 elements:

Focus Specifically on Managers

Why managers? When it comes to employee engagement, most organizations invest in helping senior leaders or specific teams, while the huge middle management layer is largely ignored for a variety of reasons. Yet research shows that an employee’s manager has the biggest influence (for good or bad) on their engagement.

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The Right Tools to Assess and Measure

Where traditional personality-based assessments help us understand how we interact with others and strengths-based assessments measure talents, FindMojo’s Motivators Assessment unlocks employee engagement by understanding intrinsic motivation. And the Engagement Snapshot Survey measures engagement improvement throughout the entire process.

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A Transformational & Scalable Program

Traditional engagement training initiatives are ineffective. You pay for materials, pull people out of work, and even pay for travel. The one or two-day experience might have been engaging in the moment but didn’t stick and only a small percentage of the information was retained. FindMojo’s Engagement Program is a radically different approach.

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We've Completely Reinvented Employee Engagement Training.

What gets practiced, gets fixed. Things change when managers actually work on employee engagement in the course of their weekly work.

  • Results in weeks, not months.
  • Scales quickly with large cohorts (100+).
  • Only 2 hours per week = better retention.
  • Easily fits into any manager’s busy schedule.
  • Uses a blended mix of live classes and self-led weekly assignments to reinforce principles and drive results.
  • Measurable before and after to see improvement.

Client Trust

More than 1000 organizations, including 75% of the Fortune 500 trust FindMojo to help them with solve employee engagement.

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Everything we've built is based on the largest research study ever conducted on employee engagement. We're nerds for this stuff.

Employee engagement is broken. And has been for a while.

Yet, by almost every account employee engagement is still the #1 “people” metric that companies care about and try to measure and improve.

That’s why our team of world-class Ph.D. organizational psychologists and psychometricians set out to solve it with a new, research-based scientific approach by creating the Motivators Assessment and Find Your Mojo Engagement Program – which truly transforms employee engagement in every organization.


Working adults surveyed globally over 10 years.


Motivators Assessments conducted.


Years of employee engagement experience.


Successful client engagements completed.


Managers trained and transformed.

The Motivators Assessment presents a truly different perspective of me and my leadership skills and abilities. This has not only helped motivate and engage (my people) in the business, but I get better business outcomes.

Diane Weed, Regional Vice PresidentWendy's

I noticed that when life circumstances hit, my motivation dipped. Now that I have applied my Motivators to my day-to-day work, I am actually enjoying my day and my productivity has skyrocketed. It's incredible!

Ike Ubasineke, Director of Leader DevelopmentBooster Enterprises

I love this assessment. This is a brilliant, practical, and engaging guide to sculpting the career you want.

Scott O'Neil, CEOPhiladelphia 76ers, New Jersey Devils, & Prudential Center
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