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What is the Find Your Mojo Engagement Program?

The Find Your Mojo Engagement Program is a 4-phase experience (usually conducted over 4 weeks) where managers embark on an immersive journey that teaches them strategies and tactics to get more engaged, and then, in turn, get their people engaged. The program is extremely flexible and fits easily into an manager's busy schedule and can quickly scale organization-wide.

Who is this Program For?

Simply put, the Find Your Mojo Engagement Program is for a manager at any level in the organization. Why managers? Most organizations invest in developing senior executives, which trickles down to the VP or Director level at best, while the Manager/Supervisor level is primarily ignored for a variety of reasons. However, no other group has a bigger impact on creating cultures of engagement than these middle and frontline managers.

Anyone who manages people or has direct reports.

Managing employees is hard. Getting them completely bought in and engaged is even tougher, especially if the manager is disengaged.

New managers trying to lead for the first time.

New managers worry about things like approving timecards and not looking foolish. Often the last thing on a new manager’s mind is knowing how to develop their people.

Managers who want or need to add new leadership skills.

Most managers get so busy executing that they forget to “sharpen the saw.” Especially when it comes to developing skills that will make them a better leader.

”High-potential” managers targeted for senior leadership.

Managers on the senior leadership fast track need to learn the soft skills (which are really the hard skills) when it comes to getting a team engaged.

Managers with low engagement scores or high turnover.

Managers with low engagement and high turnover may not even know why they and their people are checking out or how to get them to check back in.

Built with a Scalable
Engagement Model

For employee engagement to work, it needs to scale easily, meaning 1000s of learners can go through it quickly while maintaining its impact. At the center the Find Your Mojo Engagement Program is the Engagement Solved Model, which focuses on four key phases:



The Discover phase is all about “aha’s”. Managers see where they are engagement deficient and learn what motivates them.


The Sculpt phase is about implementation and alignment of motivators, so managers do more of what they love.

Manager & Team


The Develop phase puts the focus on the manager’s team and creating more engaging team environments.


The Aspire phase teaches managers how to increase employee engagement and resilience by developing a clear path forward for each direct report.

How the Engagement
Program Works

Here's how it works. Over four phases (approximately 4-5 weeks), learners join a cohort of other managers and use a blended mix of live classes (virtual or in-person), self-led practical application, and quick weekly accountability check-ins.

Program Agenda - What Managers Learn


  • Review Engagement Snapshot Survey data results.
  • Understand your motivators and see what’s most motivating right now.
  • Address blind spots and potential conflicts.

Phase 2: SCULPT

  • Analyze your past work history to see why you left or accepted positions.
  • Evaluate the alignment of motivators with your current job tasks and responsibilities.
  • Sculpt a more ideal job by altering, transferring, or adding tasks.

Phase 3: DEVELOP

  • Develop Psychological Safety and Transparency within your team.
  • Create your team’s Motivators Profile.
  • Implement Team Motivational Diversity (Synergies, Uniqueness, Cautions).
  • Learn to “Manage to the One” instead of treating everyone the same.

Phase 4: ASPIRE

  • Master how to hold Aspirational Conversations.
  • Make recognition meaningful by tying it to motivators and identities.
  • Build employee resilience by removing uncertainty and doubt.

Weekly Learning Formats

Live Class

Virtual or in-person | 60-90 minutes |
Once a week

Practical Application

Self-led | Reinforcement assignments |
30-60 minutes per week

Weekly Accountability Checkins

15-20 minutes | Once per week


Meet managers where they are, on their time. No more than a couple of hours a week. Save time and money. No need to travel or pull managers offline for entire days.


The Find Your Mojo Engagement Program is designed to scale to organizations with 1000s of managers.

Cohort Based

Immersive and interactive classes allow managers to learn together and benefit from each other's knowledge and experience.

Practical Application

Managers apply employee engagement strategies learned in class with specific individual and team assignments to reinforce principles and drive results.

The Motivators Assessment

Engagement starts with unlocking the 23 core motivators that drive every working adult.

Engagement Snapshot Survey

Establish an engagement baseline and measure improvement before and after the program (usually within 30-45 days).

Digital Worksheets and Templates
Motivation profile worksheet sample

Each learner utilizes a library of digital worksheets and templates to aid them throughout the program.

Average Increase in Employee Engagement Scores
Average Reduction in Employee Turnover

Managers who complete the Find Your Mojo Engagement Program transform themselves and their teams. The results speak for themselves.

See More Client Results

Every year we'd administer the annual employee engagement survey, and every year the results stayed the same. We couldn't ever really seem to improve. But then we found FindMojo's Engagement Program and the Motivators Assessment which gave us a model and a process for getting every manager more engaged, which in turn lead to plant-wide engagement and an increase of 22% in our scores.

Mark Adams, Senior L & D ManagerHonda Manufacturing, Inc

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