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FindMojo accelerates getting EVERY manager and their people totally engaged, leading to better employee engagement scores, increased productivity, greater retention, and more resilience and satisfaction.

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Employee Engagement Transformation Starts Here

Improved employee engagement requires better tools, the ability to measure before and after, and utilizing a program that transforms and scales across the entire organization. Check. Check. And check.

The Right Engagement Tools

Unlocking employee engagement begins by understanding intrinsic motivation. FindMojo's Motivators Assessment is the world’s most extensive and scientifically vaild tool for discovering what drives every employee at work. Couple this with FindMojo’s Engagement Snapshot Survey and measure engagement levels before and after the Engagement Program to see what improved and where more focus is needed.

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Find Your Mojo Engagement Program

Over 4 phases (usually 4 weeks), learners will experience impactful practical application for employee engagement through a blended approach of live classes (virtual or in-person), self-paced reinforcement assignments, and weekly accountability check-ins. This cohort-based training program is designed to fit easily into a participant’s busy schedule and can scale quickly throughout the organization.

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Find Your Mojo Engagement Coaching

Nothing drives higher employee engagement more than managers who approach it like a coach. FindMojo's Engagement Coaching builds on the Engagement Program by teaching managers how to be coaches. Over 6 months, managers experience 1:1 mentoring and personalized guidance, support, and tools tailored to specific needs and challenges.

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Join one of our complimentary live virtual Engagement Solved Masterclasses. Discover what motivates you and experience how our transformational Find Your Mojo Engagement Program will solve employee engagement in your organization.

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FindMojo’s approach to employee engagement has radically changed our organization. We’ve seen vast improvement in engagement scores, retention rates, and overall wellbeing of our employees. The improvements were almost immediate.

Eric Keith, CMOSirsiDynix

Better Engagement creates Better Outcomes

Employee engagement is the key to solving a myriad of other human capital challenges that organizations face. FindMojo's employee engagement solution drives better outcomes.

Find Personal Motivation & Satisfaction

Motivated employees do better work and pay closer attention to detail. They are also 150% more likely to be happier in life overall.

Improve Employee Engagement Scores

Engagement has been in decline for decades. Quit playing employee engagement "whack-a-mole" and solve it all for once.

Develop Clear Employee Career Paths

Sculpting an ideal career path for each employee and holding aspirational conversations builds engagement and loyalty.

Retain Key Talent

It's always your worst performing employees who leave, right? Wrong. Nothing correlates to high employee turnover more than employee disengagement of your best performers.

Build Resilient Employees

Up to 75% of Gen Z say they've quit a job for mental health reasons. Solving engagement reduces workplace stress and anxiety so employees can bring their best selves to work.

Boost Employee Productivity

Engaged employees do more work and have a greater output. Increased productivity is about aligning employees work with more of their motivators.

Reduce Team Dysfunction & Conflict

Improve team morale and unity by creating an inclusive work environment where teams thrive and understand what drives each other.

Tailor Employee Recognition

7 out of 10 employees who are frequently recognized for their work say they are also highly engaged.

New 100,000+ Person Research Study Unveils Findings to
Unlock Workforce Potential

Despite the best efforts of leaders, employee engagement remains broken for many organizations. Workplace motivation and productivity are at all-time lows. Employee stress and anxiety are at new highs. Traditional employee engagement programs don’t work and data from engagement tools only gets you so far.

  • Disengagement is costing the world $88 trillion in lost productivity.
  • 59% of the world’s workforce is “quiet quitting.”
  • Employee Engagement isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.
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