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Employee Motivation Matters

Workplace motivation and productivity are at all-time lows. Stress and anxiety are at new highs. From the “Great Resignation” to "Quiet Quitting" and mass layoffs, retaining and developing talent has never been more important.

of the global workers are disengaged or actively disengaged.

of leaders are seeking new job opportunities post-pandemic.

of Millennials and Gen Z have quit a job for mental health reasons.

Put Your Passions to Work

Every working adult shares 23 common motivators, but the priority order for each person is vitally important. The Motivators Assessment will show you which ones are most important to you in your work right now.

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Motivation Isn't One-Size-Fits-All

Whether you just want to find that spark in your own career, need to rally your team, or want to transform an entire organization, FindMojo's Motivators Assessment is the world’s most extensive and scientific tool to help every employee identify their unique blend of core workplace Motivators.

For Individuals

Discover your core Motivators and what gets you excited at work, regardless of your current role or work situation.

For Teams

Better understand your team members by discovering motivational synergies, uniqueness, and cautions.

For Organizations

License the Motivators Assessment and scale and measure employee motivation across the entire organization.

For Coaches & Consultants

Join a growing community of more than 1000 professionals who use the Motivators Assessment to develop others.

Tackle Stubborn Workplace Problems

The Motivators Assessment has a myriad of practical applications to solve these common human capital challenges:

Employee Engagement & Motivation

Dramatically improve low employee engagement or satisfaction scores.

Career & Employee Development

Sculpt the ideal career path for each employee and hold aspirational conversations.

Talent Retention

Reduce high employee turnover and retain key employees.

Team Dysfunction & Conflict

Improve morale, productivity, and unity by creating an inclusive work environment where teams thrive.

Recognize & Reward

Tailor recognition to individual Motivators and make appreciation more meaningful.

Sales Performance & Psychology

Take existing sales training to another level by understanding what truly motivates your salespeople.

The Motivators Assessment presents a truly different perspective of me and my leadership skills and abilities. This has not only helped motivate and engage (my people) in the business, but I get better business outcomes.

Diane Weed, Regional Vice PresidentWendy's

Get the Most out of Your Motivators

Take motivation to new levels by implementing the Motivators Assessment with the Find Your Mojo course. During this hand's-on workshop participants learn a unique individual and team job sculpting processes to align motivators with the work they do everyday.

Training Programs

Flexibiltiy is key. Learn in-person or virtually. We'll meet any modality or time constrataint you have.


Our master facilitators certify you one-on-one or in a small group. Done in-person or virtually.


License the Motivators Assessment and roll it out at cost-effectively at scale.

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Thousands of the world's most productive organizations utilize the Motivators Assessment to help motivate their teams and employees, including 75% of the Fortune 500.

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