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For a decade, the Motivators Assessment has helped employees, teams, and entire organizations assess what drives each person at work.
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For Individuals

Uncover your core Motivators and what gets you excited at work regardless of your current role or position.

Learn what's most important right now at work.
Get insight into where you thrive and be more productive.
Find more passion, fulfillment, and job satisfaction.
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“I noticed that when life circumstances hit, my motivation dipped. Now that I have applied my Motivators to my day-to-day work, I am actually enjoying my day and my productivity has skyrocketed. It's incredible!”

Ike Ubasineke, Director of Leadership DevelopmentBooster Enterprises

For Teams & Managers

Embrace the motivational diversity across your team and build unity and understanding. Become a better manager by aligning team member's work with what actually motivates them.

Create Motivators team reports and spot misaligned team Motivators.
Discover your team's motivational diversity.
Find motivational synergies and uniqueness across the team.
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“The change was exponential for me and my team; my career changed without having to change jobs. The Motivators Assessment has DEFINITELY moved the needle forward with the team I currently lead.”

Ernesto Sosa, Manager Disney Campus RecruitmentWalt Disney Parks & Resorts

For Organizations

Scale personal motivation across the enterprise and transform your culture. Measure motivation levels and regularly to spot trends and gain insights.

Easily administer 1000s of assessments, send reminders, and track completions.
Build Motivators reports by team, department, or organization.
Analyze the motivational make-up of your people against a variety of parameters.
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“The Motivators Assessment and FindMojo's programs helped me become a better leader and hone in on the parts of the organization that were struggling with engagement and excitement in their work. When it comes to my people I feel like I'm finally playing chess instead of checkers.”

Matt Wunderli, Founder & CEOPando Analytics

For Coaches & Consultants

Join a growing community of more than 1000 coaching and training professionals who use the Motivators Solution to develop others and help individuals and teams find their mojo.

Grow your coaching or consulting practice | Help your clients thrive |
Become a workplace motivation subject matter expert
Grow your coaching or consulting practice.
Become a workplace motivation subject matter expert.
Help your clients thrive.
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“I'm certified in dozens of assessments, but the Motivators Assessment is the only that truly gives my clients a unique perspective on what's most important right now. The assessment is a 'must have' for any coach's or consultant's box of tools. It's been a huge addition to my business and revenue streams.”

LaShelle Vernon, Founder I Chief Executive OfficerMylestone Development & Management Co.

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Learn the science behind the assessment, explore features, and start the journey of discovering your Motivators.

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Discover ways the Motivators Assessment can be applied to tackle tough workplace and employee challenges.

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