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Everything Starts with Motivation

Workplace satisfaction and productivity are at all-time lows. Stress and anxiety are at new highs. Retaining, developing, and recognizing talent has never been more important. The Motivators Assessments is foundation for solving these stubborn people challenges.

Create greater connection to your employee's work.

Despite organizational and leadership best efforts, employees have been disengaging in droves since the 90s. Today, disengagement has a new name called “quiet quitting.”

Fortunately, the Motivators Assessment teaches workplace engagement and motivation tactics, identifying motivational shortcomings as they relate to employees and teams, and addresses what causes employees to want to check out, do less, and feel disconnected from their work.

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Build and keep incredible employees.

A lack of career development has become the number one reason why employees leave organizations—a change from just a few years ago when pay topped the list.

FindMojo’s tools and training provide a roadmap for career development, which is a relatively low-cost way to retain people and keep them engaged—especially millennials and Gen Z—and is something well within the control of a manager.

Boost employee effectiveness and output.

Employee productivity is critically important. You want to get the most out of every employee you have without causing burnout — otherwise, you’re wasting resources.

Employees whose work is aligned with their Motivators produce more and the quality of their work is better. They also earn higher incomes. FindMojo will show you how to unlock employee productivity using the Motivators Assessment.

employee engagement leads to talent retention

Make employee recognition mean something.

It’s all about the money, right? Wrong. Studies have shown that what is more important to employees than anything else — even money — is meaningful, targeted recognition. When an employee leaves an organization, lack of recognition is usually among the top three reasons.

With the Motivators Assessment, you can tie recognition to each employee’s Motivators and tailor your appreciation so that it’s super impactful. 

Build employee and team resilience.

Workplace stress and anxiety are on the rise in the U.S., and they contribute to low employee productivity and morale, as well as declining physical and mental health. The new #1 cause of employee stress and anxiety in the workplace is the fear of the unknown. 

With the Motivators Assessment, you can show employees where they are heading, where they fit, and that they have a future within the team or the organization. 

Embrace your team's motivational diversity.

Creating an inclusive and equitable work environment has never been more important. However, while most diversity, equity, and inclusion programs focus on a variety of factors that we can “see”, they often overlook a key element that is unseen – motivational diversity.  

By knowing the Motivators for each member of your team or organization, you can determine motivational synergies, uniqueness, and cautions.

Uncover motivational blind spots that cause misunderstandings.

More often than not, conflicts between teammates can be mapped to misunderstandings that stem from our motivational blindspots and biases. 

The Motivators Assessment shines a light on these conflict points that can occur in working with others, and even identify some trade-offs employees can make in their work lives. For managers, we provide strategies to be used to better lead and motivate the people in their care. 

Discover what really drives your sales people.

Think you know what drives your salespeople? Think again. The easy (and often wrong) option is to just throw more money at your salespeople. 

But with the Motivators Assessment, you’ll discover sales motivation is very personal and more complex. While for some salespeople, money and prestige are the most motivating concepts, for many more it’s all about balancing time with their loved ones, making a difference in the world, learning new things, solving complex problems, and building lasting friendships with clients.

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“In my 20-plus years of leadership I have taken StrengthsFinder, Hogan Leadership Potential, and a bunch of others, all of which identified my strengths and potential, but none that truly identified me, who I am, and what I want to do. The Motivators Assessment provides a road map to get back on track individually and as a team!”

Steven Lozada, Managing Partner & Certified CoachUpward Mindset

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