Sales Performance & Psychology

Discover what really drives your sales people.

Think you know what motivates your salespeople?

A company’s sales team is critical — it’s the lifeblood of the organization. Finding and keeping good salespeople isn’t easy. So, it’s important to keep them motivated and engaged.

The easy option is to just throw more money at your salespeople. But motivation is very personal. While for some salespeople, money and prestige and recognition are going to be their most motivating concepts. For many more, it’s all about balancing time with their loved ones, making a difference in the world, learning new things, solving complex problems, and building lasting friendships with clients.

Of salespeople have Money has a strong Motivator.

Of salespeople have Impact as a strong Motivator.

Of salespeople have left a company for more money and regretted their decision.

Forget closing techniques. This is sales psychology.

The best sales training programs in the world won't matter much if your people don't even want to work on your team anymore. All you're doing is teaching them sales skills they will most likely take somewhere else.

The bottom line for those of us who manage salespeople: We must find out what motivates each of our people individually. And from a macro perspective, it's important to pay attention to this finding that the way to keep a greater number of our salespeople motivated, engaged, and focused is not only by having a well-designed compensation system but also by worrying about ideas like work/life balance and developing a powerful vision.

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