Motivators Workshop + Certification

A motivational workshop that's motivating.

What You'll Learn and Experience.

The Motivators Workshop teaches participants powerful individual and team applications for those newly discovered Motivators. After completing this class, you won’t be able to wait to get back to work and implement what you have learned.

Why Motivation

In this foundational section, you’ll see the latest research on the state of workplace motivation and understand why motivation at work is more important than ever.

Discover Your

Take a deep dive into your Motivators Assessment results as you analyze your 23 Motivators and 5 Identities. You’ll discover what’s confirming and surprising, as well as what’s most important to you in your work right now.

Evaluate Your

Evaluate current tasks and responsibilities and determine which ones align most with your Motivators and Identities, as well as how much time you’re spending on things that frustrate you.

Sculpt Your
Ideal Job

Learn the job sculpting process by determining which tasks you can AddAlter, or Transfer and “sculpt” an ideal job to align with Motivators. You’ll walk away with a game plan that can lead to holding aspirational conversations with your manager or people.

Embrace Team
Motivational Diversity

Line your Motivators and Identities up side-by-side on the Motivators Team Profile report and create more unity with teammates and co-workers. Learn how diverse your team is as you discover motivational synergies, uniqueness, and cautions among team members.

Avoid Blindspots &
Potential Conflicts

Learn about the blindspots of each motivational Identity and how to avoid potential conflicts that might arise. You’ll brainstorm strategies to “check yourself” and work through misunderstandings.


Hour duration depending on your needs.


Individual and group exercises and discussions. Zero filler.


Real-world case study examples of application.


Guarantee you'll wish you'd done this sooner.


Chance of boredom.

Your Playbook for Motivation. Literally.

The Motivators Workshop participant materials provide you with a robust set of tools to get things back on track in your career or with your team. Materials are available both physically and digitally.

Schedule My Workshop

Delivered Your Way.

When it comes to delivering the Motivators Workshop we believe in simplicity and flexibility.
Choose the modality that suits you best:


Bring one of our experts to a location of your choosing. In-person learning offers a focused, effective, and engaging way for your team or organization to experience a more personal level of learning.


The Motivators Workshop is the model of flexibility. Our facilitators deliver the course in increments of between 1-4 hours, using whatever technology you prefer. We’ll do all the predatory heavy lifting so you just show up.

Get Started

Become a Motivators Certified Facilitator.

Join a growing community of more than 1000 professionals who use the Motivators Solution to develop others and help individuals and teams find their mojo.


Schedule Your Certification

You'll join one of our master facilitators one-on-one or in a small group and get personalized instruction. Conducted live over two 90-minute sessions when it's convenient for your schedule. We record the certification so you'll always have a resource to refer to.

Get Access

Upon completion of the certification sessions, you'll get access to the Motivators Platform where you can access facilitator and participant materials, administer Motivators Assessment codes, and create Motivators Team reports.

On-Going Support

You'll be assigned a Subject Matter Expert for all your pre- and post-workshop questions. We want you to be able to deliver the Motivators Workshop like a champ.

The Motivators Workshop took our understanding of our Motivators to whole new level. We've been able to completely replace our annual performance reviews by implementing the job scultping process as regular aspirational coversations. We've improved employee satisfaction by 2x and reduced turnover by 43%.

Eric Keith, CMOSirsiDynix
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