Motivators Workshop

A motivation workshop that's actually motivating.

Learn to love your work again.

Learn the keys to boosting employee engagement and achieving job satisfaction for yourself and your workers at a FindMojo Motivators Workshop. After completing this class, you won’t be able to wait to get back to work and implement the new techniques you have learned!

The Motivators Workshop will help you and your employees answer three fundamental questions when it comes to work:

Who am I?

Where do I want to go?

How will I get there?


Utilize the world’s most extensive and scientifically valid assessment to identify an individual’s core Motivators.


Evaluate current roles and responsibilities and determine motivation and satisfaction levels based on alignment with Motivators.


Sculpt an ideal job by determining which daily tasks you can Add, Alter, or Transfer to align Motivators and realize more fulfilment.

Your path to job and career
satisfaction starts here.

As employees complete the Motivators Workshop, leaders will see improvement in employee engagement scores and KPIs, be able to retain and develop top performers, and hold meaningful aspirational conversations to build career paths.
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The most impactful half-day of your year.

The Motivators Workshop is grounded in research, practicality, and fun. Learners will leave uplifted and with a plan to make their work more engaging.

Course Overview
  • Tailored to your specific goals
  • 2 to 4 hour duration (based on needs)
  • 16 individual & group exercises
  • 10 application videos
  • 8 real-world case study examples
Course Materials
  • Digital/Physical Workbook
  • Motivators Job Aid Card
  • Motivators Technical Manual
  • Motivators Team Profile Reports
Delivery Modalities
  • In-person, classroom
  • Live online (virtual)
  • Mojo instructor-led
  • Certified coach-led
  • Spaced learning
Who Should Attend?
  • Executive Leaders
  • Managers & Supervisors
  • Teams
  • Anyone with a job!

Motivators Workshop -
Designed for Working Adults

FindMojo’s Motivators Workshop is designed for executives, managers, and supervisors looking to turn around work challenges such as low morale, poor engagement, and declining productivity. Teams and individual workers will find the keys to unlock workplace motivation so that they can advance in their careers and achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

Manage to the One

We spent many years developing our scientifically proven employee motivation assessment and corresponding Motivators Workshop to help leaders figure out what makes their employees tick. Learning about employees’ preferences, hopes, dreams and goals is important if you want to raise engagement.

During FindMojo’s Motivators Workshop, you’ll find out what motivates you (and others) and how these preferences align with your or their job responsibilities. That’s why we teach about job sculpting, which means more closely aligning a job functions and daily tasks to the worker’s Motivators.

Motivation Myths

Many leaders believe there is one secret way to succeed in motivating employees, but this is rarely true. In order to achieve employee motivation, you must determine what drives employees at a personal level.

Many managers also think employees are only interested in money. Money is a powerful Motivator, but it is far from the only one. One of the biggest sources of workplace stress is “bad boss syndrome,” which has nothing to do with money. Some employees want autonomy and recognition, others want to be challenged and work in teams.

Flexible and Customizable

Workshops are conducted in-person or online, and participants can choose the course duration team. You’ll learn more about yourself and each other and you’ll be amazed at how much better and more effectively you work together after taking the Motivators Workshop.

Become a Motivators Certified Coach.

Join a growing community of more than 1000 professionals who use the Motivators Solution to develop others and help individuals and teams find their passions.


Administer and utilize the Motivators Assessment as the perfect complement to other assessments and tools you use as a coach. Open new doors and create new initiatives.


Provide insight to your clients or organization with the Motivators Platform by creating Motivators Team reports and delivering key insights into how to improve.


Deliver the Motivators Workshop like a champ. Help leaders and employees to understand their core motivational drivers at work and coach them on how to ‘sculpt’ their jobs to enhance career development.

The Motivators Workshop took our understanding of our Motivators to whole new level. We've been able to completely replace our annual performance reviews by implementing the job scultping process as a regular aspirational coversations. We've improved employee satisfaction by 2x.

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