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Measuring motivation is easier than you think.

Reverse the downward
motivation trend.

Despite leaders' best efforts, overall employee motivation levels have declined for several decades. It's time that changed.

Of executive leaders recognize the value of employee motivation.

Consider it to be a key driver of business performance.

Believe their employees are actually truly motivated.

Distribute & Manage

Easily administer 1000s of assessments in seconds. Send reminders and track completions.

Build & Report

Build Motivators reports by team, department, or organization. Compare motivational synergies, uniquenesses, and cautions.

Measure & Analyze

Measure motivation levels regularly to spot trends and gain insights. Analyze the motivational make-up of your people against a variety of parameters in the larger database.

Take personal motivation to everyone.

License the Motivators Assessment and leverage the Motivators Platform to scale employee motivation across the entire organization.
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Motivate like never before.

The Motivators Platform equips leaders with the information they need to help their employees work more cohesively in these new workplace dynamics.

By Generation

Learn to adapt to the demands of Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers and develop ways to cater better to their motivational needs while creating stronger bonds between all generations.

By Event

See when and how often Motivators can change. Take the Motivators Assessment as often as needed or when triggered by organizational or career events (restructuring, promotion or transfer, performance reviews, etc.)

By Department

Remove cross-functional friction by understanding the unique Motivators of those in different departments. Build project teams based on the motivational diversity.

Gain motivational insights from and for your employees.

For managers and business owners who want to make workplace motivation and employee engagement an integral part of how they run their company, FindMojo offers the Motivators Platform, a tool that will help you gain valuable insight into what motivates your workers today and tomorrow.


FindMojo is known for our employee motivation and engagement tools, which help managers understand how their workers are motivated. Leaders who understand how valuable this information is want to scale this across the organization with the Motivators Platform, which provides unlimited assessment licenses for measuring motivation on an ongoing basis.

For the Enterprise

This is especially useful to larger companies with lots of employees. It’s especially useful if you have high turnover, since you’ll need data on new employees joining the company. Once implemented turnover rates will drop as you utilized the information you get from the Motivators Platform.

Manage Change

You’ll learn how to structure teams, assignments, projects, and more based on a variety of factors. You’ll be able to administer new tests at any time, not just to new employees, but to current employees who are undergoing changes. You can use the platform to assemble stronger teams that work together better and to devise motivational strategies.

Take motivation to the bank.

With the Motivators Assessment and Motivators Platform, FindMojo gives managers and team leaders the tools they need to build cohesive, productive teams—despite the distractions and challenges every business is facing.
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The Motivators Assessment presents a truly different perspective of me and my leadership skills and abilities. This has not only helped motivate and engage (my people) in the business, but I get better business outcomes.

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