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Answer the vital questions: “What motivates me?” and “What motivates my team members?” Aligning your work with your Motivators typically results in:

Better Quality Work

Studies show that those who are passionate about their work pay greater attention to detail.

Greater Output

Those who do what they love, want to do more of it and results will follow.

Higher Incomes

Those who are happier in their work typically earn more.


“Those most satisfied with their work are 150% more likely to be happier overall in life.”

– Sonya Lyubomirksy, Professor of Psychology at University of California

Welcome to the Motivators Assessment

Where Strengths-based assessments measure talents (what we're good at), and Personality-based assessments help you understand how you interact with others (who we are), Motivators show you what you're are passionate about, what you want enjoy at work, and what really drives you—at a very detailed level.

Motivators & Identities

In our research, we found 23 common core Motivators at work which we all share. These are all positive concepts. But the priority order for each person is vitally important.

Using a factor analysis, our research team also discovered five clusters of Motivators that we call Identities. These are archetypes and each of us will inevitably tend to have stronger associations with some of these types over the others.

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Motivators Assessment Technical Manual

Motivators Assessment Technical Manual

Over a period of 10 years, the FindMojo team conducted more than 1 million interviews to compile a list of Motivators that drive people in the workplace. This data was the foundation for the Motivators Assessment.

The Motivators Assessment provides a ranking of 23 Motivators distributed across 5 Identities. Motivators are unique, fundamental drivers that all human beings share in common. The nuances in a person’s specific nature comes not only in which specific Motivators are most important to him or her, but the particular order of priority from 1 to 23.

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The Motivators Assessment includes:

  • 100 scientifically validated questions.
  • Easy-to-use, mobile-friendly, web-based assessment takes only 20 minutes to complete.
  • Comprehensive 40-page detailed report with print-ready online profiles and social sharing tools.
  • Engaging insights show employees their blind spots, how to thrive, and more.
  • Available in English, Spanish, Hebrew, and Turkish, with more languages coming.
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For a decade, the Motivators Assessment has
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Uncover your core Motivators and what gets you excited at work regardless of your current role or position.


Create Motivators Team reports, embrace motivational diversity across the team, and build unity and understanding.


Scale personal motivation across the enterprise and transform your culture. Spot trends and measure changes in Motivators.

“A must-have tool. This assessment is perfect for any individual that seeks to be happier and more engaged in their job. If you want to do more of what you love, take this assessment!”

Lance Trenary, President and CEOGolden Corral Corpoation
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