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From the motivational science to the assessment features and FAQs, learn how the Motivators Assessment works.
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The Science of Motivation

The Motivators Assessment is the world’s most extensive and scientific tool to help individuals identify their unique
blend of core workplace motivators.

10+ Years

The most extensive decade-long research study ever conducted on workplace motivation.

Global Study

Based on the results of a global study of more than one million working adults.

A World-Class Team

Developed by a team of organizational and clinical PhD psychologists and psychometricians.

Motivators & Identities

The Motivators Assessment answers the vital questions: “What motivates me and my team?” and “What can I do about it?”

Whether used by an individual employee or a manager over a team, The Motivators Assessment gives insights into:

  • Strong, moderate, and neutral motivators, indicating what’s most important in a person’s work right now
  • Motivational identities and characteristics
  • Where individuals thrive in their work
  • How to enhance value and get more done
  • How to address blind spots and potential conflicts

23 Motivators

Motivators are unique, fundamental drivers that all human beings share in common. There are 23 common workplace motivators which are all positive concepts. However, the priority order from 1 to 23 for each person is vitally important.

5 Identities

Motivators cluster together into 5 different identities. These are archetypes and each of us will inevitably tend to have stronger associations with some of these types over others.

Simple and Easy-to-Use Features

Unlike other assets that are long, complex, and cumbersome, the Motivators Assessment is quick and gets right to the point.

100 Scientifically Validated-Questions

Takes only 15 minutes to complete

Easy-to-use, mobile-friendly & web-based

Comprehensive 40-page detailed report

Print-ready online profiles and social sharing tools

Engaging insights show employees their blind spots, how to thrive, and more

Motivators Assessment FAQs

How does the Motivators Assessment compare to other assessments?

Where Strengths-based assessments (such as Gallup’s CliftonStrengths) measure talents (what we’re good at), and Personality-based assessments (such as DISC, Color Code, etc.) help you understand how you interact with others (who we are), motivators show you what you’re passionate about, what you enjoy at work, and what really drives you—at a very detailed level.

Do motivators change?

Yes! The Motivators Assessment measures what’s most important to you in your work right now. What’s important today may not be as important in the future. While some motivators may remain constant throughout our lives, other motivators can change frequently.

How often should I take the Motivators Assessment?

It depends. Typically, most individuals check the assessment a couple of times a year. However, as new events in our lives and jobs occur it could change our motivators more rapidly.

Do I have to be a working adult for this to work?

No. While the Motivators Assessment was built to help working adults, many of the concepts are universal. As such, individuals who are not in the workforce will still benefit. Thousands of students and teenagers have taken the assessment and found it very confirming and insightful.

What languages is the Motivators Assessment available in?

The Motivators Assessment is currently available in English, Spanish, Hebrew, and Turkish, with more languages coming.

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