FindMojo Facilitator Agreement

The Terms and conditions of the Agreement are specifically incorporated herein. Certified Facilitator understands and agrees with FindMojo that:

(1) he/she shall comply with and be bound by the limits and requirements imposed on the Facilitator as to those terms defined in the Agreement, in all respects as if the undersigned had executed the Agreement in its original form;

(2) this undertaking is required by FM in order to certify the undersigned as a Certified Facilitator;

(3) he/she is not licensed, but is certified, to present the Workshop(s) as defined in the Agreement;

(4) the license to present FM’s program is granted solely to the Client; and,

(5) the undersigned is certified to facilitate only the Workshop(s) for which he/she is certified, as stated below, only during the term of the Agreement and only for the Participants defined in the Agreement.


(1) Facilitator will not provide training to anyone other than those persons described as Authorized Participants in the agreement and without purchased and licensed FindMojo materials (not just the Motivators Assessment) for each participant.

(2) Facilitator will no longer be certified to train anyone in FM programs or train anyone in using FM materials, or any modification thereof, when he/she ceases to be employed by or under contract with the Client, unless said Client is licensed by FM, and

(3) The training and facilitator materials in the undersigned’s possession or under his/her control are confidential licensed materials belonging to FindMojo and will not be disclosed to anyone, except as needed to provide the training. Said materials shall be turned in to the Client when he/she ceases to be employed or under contract with the Client.

(4) Privacy Policy. To the extent that any customer data may contain any personal information, FM will collect, use, and disclose such personal information for the purposes related to this Agreement and in accordance with FindMojo’s privacy policy located at (the “Privacy Policy”). The Privacy Policy is hereby incorporated by reference and forms part of this Agreement.