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The Benefits of FindMojo’s Employee Engagement Assessment Programs

FindMojo's Many Benefits

The benefits of FindMojo’s employee engagement assessment programs are many, and they are scientifically proven.

There is no shortage of tests that have been developed to reveal employee strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits, but only FindMojo’s employee motivation tests look to uncover employee passions. This is the key to fostering a workforce with skyrocketing job satisfaction, employee productivity, and workplace motivation.

Employee Engagement and Motivation:

With our program, you’ll learn exactly what motivates each of your individual employees. Once you have this valuable information, you can develop your strategies based on the results of the employee engagement surveys, moving quickly to your goals.

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Anxiety & Stress:

Anxiety and stress are productivity killers. How can employers reduce stress in the workplace? FindMojo will teach you techniques for anxiety reduction as well as stress management in the workplace, so that your employees feel calm, relaxed and happy to come to work.

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Sales Performance & Psychology:

You probably have some ideas about how to motivate a sales team, but if you’re reading this, they likely aren't working as well as you’d hoped. FindMojo has proven techniques for boosting sales performance based not just on psychological and scientific principals, but also on employee engagement survey results.

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Talent Retention & Development:

No one wants to feel like they aren’t working up to their full potential — especially if the reason is because their boss won’t let them. FindMojo’s programs will teach you about talent management and retention so that you can lower employee turnover, boost productivity and improve job satisfaction.

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Many employers decide to try FindMojo’s employee engagement assessments because they want to increase employee productivity. And it works. But the best part is that at the same time, they also learn how to improve employee engagement, reduce workplace stress and find the keys to motivating workers.

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Everyone wants to be recognized and appreciated for a job well done. But how? With money? Praise? A promotion? You could guess. Or you could use FindMojo’s employee engagement assessments to gain real insight and collect data that will help you build meaningful employee recognition programs.

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Powerful tools to help employees become their best.

FindMojo’s Motivators Assessments, Motivators Workshops and Motivators Platform are all powerful tools you can use to collect data that reveal the keys to helping employees become their best selves. Our employee engagement tests are so revealing — you will learn not only about what drives your workers, but you’ll also learn about yourself.

Employees who enjoy their jobs, are happy to come to work and feel appreciated produce on a much higher level than workers who suffer from low morale and other symptoms of burnout.

Administer our employee engagement surveys, invest in our platform and attend one of our workshops (or send your managers and teams) and watch how fast your employees turn from discouraged and depressed to inspired and confident.

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